November Update

Well, as I often do, I look back over my recent photos I have taken to see where we’ve been and what we’ve done since I last posted a blog. Here’s what came up:

Now, THAT’S a crooked back. This is a boy who came to our Bible Study in Musanze, with his parents, asking for help. When we saw his back, we saw why! He came to the hospital where I work in Kigali,  where I was able to orient him, and they saw the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a brace. Getting the back brace has not been so easy-apparently it doesn’t fit well, and he is coming back to Kigali tomorrow to get it re-fitted. As an example of how ignorance, fear and sickness intersect, the family, who are quite poor, spent a lot of money on traditional medicines because they believed that there son’s scoliosis had been caused by poisoning. We pray for their minds to be awakened out of the darkness by the Truth that sets us free.


I was recently at a meeting at the Medical School, and I ran into Frederick, who studies at the nearby Technology Institute/University, and whom we have sponsored ever since secondary school. We were glad to see each other. He told me he is doing well in school, but needs glasses.  I was touched to see that he is still using my somewhat worn computer  bag that we gave him several years ago, along with the computer we also gave him.


We were back in Musanze recently for church, and we were impressed by how many children were there-we couldn’t fit them all in the photo; it must have been over half of the congregation! I was glad to see that the children’s ministry is thriving, despite the fact that many Sundays we are attending church in Kigali. I am hoping to help arrange a Sunday School teachers’ training later this year at our Musanze church.


I have been helping to host a Palliative Care teaching team from the UK. They have had many thoughtful discussions with our residents, involving end of life care-never an easy topic, but an important one, with spiritual significance. img_3226

Kids everywhere, even with burns at my hospital in Rwanda, like to ham it up for the camera, and show off their superpowers!

Here are our Prayer Requests :

  • For Caleb’s development  projects, that the doors would open for him, so he can break ground.
  • For the Rwandan students who have finished their school year, and for us as we decide how and which students to sponsor next year
  • For the upcoming holidays, and the arrivals of Caleb Jr and Lydia from RVA, and Sara and Hannah later in December. For Moses, as he finishes his first semester at his school, KICS.
  • For my (Louise’s) work, that I would be an effective teacher, and a good mentor

In closing, 2 Bible verses from our daily reading that recently “jumped out to me”:

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.Proverbs 27:19

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:24

3 thoughts on “November Update

  1. Theresa

    Dear Louise and Caleb:

    How we continue to thank God for you and pray for you as your cover so many bases in our blessed Rwanda!

    I am cc”ing this email to our friends, Gene and Steph Flewelling, as we discussed some of Gene’s work with ITEC who help with intrastructure around the world – particularly electrical projects for groups like Wycliffe, etc. They have recently worked on projects in NW Uganda and also in Rwanda. Gene mentioned as we had dinner together that they are in need in various places for WATER ENGINEER expertise!! So of course I thought of Caleb and hoped that I could connect the two of you at least by email.

    Since engineering of any kind is way above my pay grade, I will leave it to you to communicate so that Gene can explain what and where the need is, etc.

    I am blessed in the company of all the saints He surrounds me with —

    Ever, in Jesus,


    Dr. Theresa Newell

    61 Willow Circle

    New Holland, PA 17557

    (412) 680-6843 C

  2. Meg Howard

    Dear Louise, your life reflects a very beautiful heart, full of love and compassion for so many! I pray the Lord will grant all of these beautiful prayer requests and all the other ones that aren’t shared here. I know you have such a loving heart for your husband and children – May they also grow in their love for God and others. We are doing well in Puerto Rico. People are so grateful to have Tim here as headmaster. I am very involved in a home for abused children ages 0 to 4 who have been removed from their homes. It is such an impoverished place, but people are serving these children with love. I have been blessed to meet other people in this wealthier community who want to give sacrificially to improve the home. I have also been given more opportunities to share in spiritual companion ways. How interesting that God would bring us from Boston to Puerto Rico at this stage of our lives. We live in relative luxury, but we are very mindful of our responsibilities and pray we can use our influence as well as our resources for good for the kingdom of God. You and Caleb are a great inspiration to us! We often pray for you and each of your children. We send you much love in Christ, Meg

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