2 Quick Links

Here is a link to our latest newsletter: Summer 2016 Newsletter

And here is a good article about Caleb and his interest in hydropower, done by people working with Power Africa, a US government funded initiative to help bring power to Africa.It doesn’t mention the Light of the World, which has been our motivation to be in Rwanda, but it is a good article: Power Africa article




One thought on “2 Quick Links

  1. I rejoice each time I read your reports. Delighted to see Caleb’s engineering talents being used in such a beneficial way to bring electricity to these areas of Rwanda. Wonderful! And so good to see the children growing so beautifully and for the increased input into the medical training that Louise is doing. Praying for Moses and the best school for him in Kigali. How I remember with such love our time in this country being so blessed by the Kings! Theresa Newell

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