Lydia, Hannah and Caleb Jr at the Kigali Airport


I thought since I had a post entitled “Hello” , I might as well have one entitled “ Good-Bye.” As anyone in the mission field can tell you, there are far too many “Good-byes” in your life. The hardest ones are your own children. I wish I could say that it gets easier, but it doesn’t. Hannah, Caleb Jr and Lydia just left after a month here. All too soon, Hannah will leave for college (Wheaton College, by the way, for those of you who know she was trying to decide.)

We celebrated Easter together; went to Kumbya, an old mission retreat center; walked on The Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest; did puzzles; watched movies and read books. The house seems rather empty now, though we are thankful for Moses who keeps things lively.

What does it say in the Bible about Good-Byes? Abraham must have had some when he left his family in Ur; Ruth refused to let Naomi say Good-Bye and moved with her. In Ecclesiastes, it says that there is a time for everything; children leaving is definitely a season in life, as all parents know, but it’s painful nonetheless. Jesus told his disciple John to take care of his mother, anticipating his departure; He also said, And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. We do appreciate the friends we have made here, who have become like family, but we look forward reunions, on this side of heaven or the other, with all those to whom we have said Good-Bye.

Here are some photos from our vacation with the kids:

We took a Sunday boat trip, for a fresh-out-of-the lake fish lunch
Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest
Hannah, Lydia and I went to the wedding celebration of their former choir teacher.
April is a somber time in Rwanda, as it is the time of commemorating the 1994 genocide. Lydia and I went to a rainy memorial at a gravesite near our home. 


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