Coming Home

We have recently returned from a relatively quick trip to the US. In a short space of time, we saw family, friends, visited churches, swam many times in Black Creek and went to the beach. We are thankful that most of our family live in the Carolinas, and several of those who don’t were still able to make it to see us. Hannah had a successful week at the CDC at Disease Detective Camp, after having flown by herself from Rwanda; I was thankful that my parents could meet her in Atlanta and tuck her in. Caleb Jr was able to practice tennis and get a driving permit, Lydia did some cooking, and Moses took his first ride in a riding lawn mower-in fact, he mowed for 4 hours, to the delight of our friends, who needed their pasture cut! Sara joined us a week into our trip, from Spain, and then I stayed a bit longer with her, and accompanied her for her driving permit, and ear piercing. So, all in all, it was a successful trip home, and we especially enjoyed re-connecting with our friends, families, and supporting churches.

Hannah with new friends at the CDC
Hannah with new friends at the CDC
The children in front of Black Creek

Nevertheless, it is a bit difficult living in 2 worlds. After having lived in Rwanda for 12 years, where do we belong exactly? Rwanda-where we feel called to serve, and have grown to love so many people, and where we work? Or the US-our birthplace, where our families are, and where we speak the language! We are grateful that God has given us a heart for both places, and thankful that ultimately our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20). As our children grow up and leave the African continent, pray that our hearts will find peace in our current situation.

More to come soon on our current activities…

One thought on “Coming Home

  1. Denise Corriher

    It is always so good to see your pictures and hear your stories. The children have grown so big! It is hard to believe it has been twelve years. I hope the next time you are in the area, you stop by and say hello if only for a few minutes. Take care and may God continue to bless you all.

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