Partnering Together

We help a lot of students here, with school fees, school supplies and in some cases even food and lodging.   We are happiest when we can provide this help together with a local partner. In this photo is a friend of ours, Mama Jeanne, and an orphan boy whom she has sponsored for years in school. He has done well in school and she approached us this year to ask us if we could help her with some of the cost of his schooling. PartneringThanks to generous donations from supporters, we were able to respond positively to her request. She is still providing for some of his expenses and giving him emotional and spiritual care, which is something that she can do better than we can, given our linguistic and time constraints! We are thankful that we can come along side Mama Jeanne and support her in her own altruistic efforts.

For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ 1 Corinthian 12:12

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