Thank you’s

I have been busy with my new teaching position, which is probably why my posts have been fewer! I am enjoying being more involved in teaching residents and am learning a lot myself. Here are 2 quick pictures that say a little bit about my job:

Sunrise on the way to Kigali
Sunrise on the way to Kigali

This is a beautiful early morning photo on my way to Kigali. I go to Kigali once a week, waking up at 5 15 am, to get to the 730 am meeting at the main teaching hospital in Kigali. I have enjoyed the more academic atmosphere, and I also have been able to transport some patients from Ruhengeri to Kigali, who needed medical care there, and would not otherwise be able to make the trip. One recent trip included these passengers: one young woman needing new leg prostheses (she is a double amputee); one 20 year old man, who has not been able to bend his left knee for 16 years, to see the orthopedist; and 100 kg (220 lbs) of potatoes for some students we support in Kigali! (Musanze is the potato capital of Rwanda). Pray for safe travels for me!

I also appreciate the residents-they are in general hard working and smart. They push me to keep current in my medical knowledge. It’s uplifting when they appreciate me, too! Here’s a card the last resident gave me at the end of the rotation:

Thank you card
Thank you card


Speaking of thank you’s, here is a sweet card that a 3rd grade girl, an orphan,  gave me today at church. We facilitate her sponsorship by a family in the US-we are lucky that we get some of the credit!

Thank you letter
Thank you letter

Thankful that we have such appreciative people here. It reminds me to thank God for all He has given us!

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