A Paradigm Shift

We had originally planned on being in the US for Christmas, but due to a variety of circumstances ended up staying here in Rwanda. Since all the children were home I took some extra time off, which allowed me to help with the Children’s Christmas play at church. I used the script from our church in the US, a friend volunteered some costumes and a Rwandan friend helped too, especially with the singing which is not my forte. The children practiced diligently.

As Christmas approached, it became clear that the best time to put it on the play would be on Christmas Day itself. Wait a second, I thought! Christmas Day is not a day for spending a long time in church listening to the Christmas Story. It’s when you stay at home, opening presents! Eating a big breakfast! Cooking! Not to mention that our church service is at 7 30.  Then a ten year old boy whom we know asked to be baptized. We tried to discourage him, I’m afraid, and we told him his parents would have to give permission and talk with the pastor. Well, they came and gave their permission. The boy even made a profession of faith, giving his heart to Jesus. How could we refuse to be his godparents? Guess when the baptism was scheduled: yes, on Christmas Day! There was no way around it-we had to go to church, early even, to set up for the play. The result: we all got up and went, the play was a great success, Eric was baptized, and I had the most restful Christmas ever. Oh, yes, we did have a few presents, ate a turkey dinner (we had carted a frozen turkey from Kenya in November), had a lot of fun with friends who came over for dessert and a White Elephant gift exchange. Our day ended with a surprise visit from the nuns next door, bearing a cake still hot from the oven. I even got two stockings: one from Lydia and one from Caleb. Lydia accompanied hers with a poem(see below). So, I appreciated that God showed me this Christmas the best way to celebrate the birth of a Savior.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6: 33

The Wise Men Come to bring gifts
The baptism
We had 7 little kittens at Christmas!
Moses is hard at work at his Legos
Christmas Chaos
Christmas chaos
A White Elephant treasure
We’re happy to have Sara home!
A visit from the friendly nuns next door.
Christmas poem for a “Rocking” mom.

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