Letting Go, Part I

“Letting Go” was the name of the closing ceremony at Wheaton College where I dropped Sara off last month. Perhaps more than most parents I was letting go of Sara-across 2 continents, the Atlantic Ocean and 7 time zones. Of course, I had started to “let go” of her 7 years ago, when she started boarding school at the Rift Valley Academy. Shortly after I returned to Rwanda, I took the four other children to RVA, including Lydia and Moses, who will be starting RVA for the first time-more letting go. You know-letting go hurts. There’s no way around it; separation is hard. Of course, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think the benefits outweighed the costs. I’ve seen how our children have grown and thrived at RVA, under the supervision of a godly and skilled staff, who pour out their lives for the children there. I am praying that Sara continues to flourish at Wheaton, and that Moses and Lydia adapt well to RVA. That’s another benefit of letting go: I rely much more on prayer than I ever did before, for my children.

Of course, I’ll never fully “let go” of my children in my heart; the reason that I can let them go away to school is that I know that I have a God that never lets them go, not even for one second. If His eye is on the sparrow, then surely it is on Sara, Hannah, Caleb Jr, Lydia and Moses. For extra emphasis, listen to Matt Redman’s Song, You Never Let Go !

Sara at Wheaton College
Sara at Wheaton College
Kids at RVA
Kids at RVA




4 thoughts on “Letting Go, Part I

  1. Hi Caleb (Sr)! Wanted to let you know that some new missionaries headed to Rwanda are former colleagues of mine in the IV grad work at MIT–Andy and Marie Williams. Marie worked with the Sloan Christian Fellowship for about 6 years, 2 as my intern and then as the primary staff for that group. Since their agency will take them around the country I’m betting you guys will meet at some point.

    Much grace! -Kevin

    Rev. Kevin M. Ford MIT Board of Chaplains InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate & Faculty Ministry W11-071 617-252-1782 ________________________________

  2. vbrambo@sc.rr.com

    Dear Louise, Thanks for your good letter. Praying for you daily, knowing you are doing the right and blessed things by letting go.. Your Dad and our family experienced God’s care and provision, the same way. Love, Uncle Birch.

  3. Ann Peterken

    Dear Louise,

    Thinking and praying for you as you adapt to an empty nest, of your own children that is! It must feel extremely strange and my heart goes out to you, but they will be back.

    Looking on the bright side, you and Caleb will be able to have romantic dinners at Roberto’s, but I don’t suppose even that helps just now.

    May God hold all of you in the palm of his hands, Ann x

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