More Than Enough

I was originally going to call this post “Not Enough.” I was struck by the “not enough” ness in Rwanda the other day when I was driving some people to a special festival for naming the new baby gorillas, which took place about 10 miles from our house. I loaded up our car with some visitors; right outside our gate more people were waiting, so I filled my car up to the brim with them. On the way up to the Volcano National Park, I saw a few more people whom I knew, trying to wave me down for a ride, but I just didn’t have enough room. I left them on the side of the road with disappointed faces. I thought, I just don’t have enough space in my car for all the people wanted to go. Despite lots of generous contributions, we don’t have enough money to give to all the people who ask of us; in Rwanda, the most densely populated country in Africa, there isn’t enough land; there aren’t enough jobs; there aren’t enough teachers; there aren’t enough doctors and there aren’t enough nurses. We don’t even have enough time to meet with all the people who would like to see us. I was overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy.

But here are two comforting things I have learned on the mission field. The first is based on “The Loaves and the Fishes” story in the Gospels. We give what we have and God multiplies it. With His grace and generosity, our meager contributions becomes enough. Everyday in the hospital I don’t have the resources I need for patients. But I pray, and I do what I can do, with what’s available. Many of the patients recover, almost miraculously. Caleb gave all he had to his hydro project. It wasn’t enough to do the project, but God gave him the resources necessary for it to be completed, and make power.

The second comfort is that we don’t have to be enough for people. There is only one Person who is enough for all people in all time-Jesus. It is only the Gospel that never tarnishes, never runs out, never disappoints. Someone gave us a CD a while ago with a praise song, “More than Enough.” You can see it performed by Chris Tomlin on YouTube . If God is enough for me, he’s enough for all the needs in Rwanda, in a way I could never be.

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4: 13-14

Moses and Lydia with children in Shyira, during a recent visit
Moses and Lydia with children in Shyira, during a recent visit


10 thoughts on “More Than Enough

    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      Thanks, Cameron. I was just thinking about you tonight and wondering how you’re doing. Hope that you are enjoying the US. Blessings, Louise

  1. bobby Temple

    What wonderful work you do. If only we were all half as giving as you and Caleb, the world would be so much better for it. I will try to be more unselfish like you are.

  2. Claude

    Hey Dr, Good to read your Post. Even your prayers can comfort let join together to Pray for the needs for my people,
    to be filled with the wealth of Jesus.

  3. S. G. Dargan

    Hello, Kings, Thanks for this reflection. I was thinking a few days ago what a rich tapestry of “coincidental” blessings for individuals in the family and in Africa have grown out of your 11 years of work in Rwanda. Love, Sam Sr

  4. cassie dodds

    Louise that is one of my favorite songs. I so appreciate your words about our more than enough God.
    Please send me Sara’s new college address when you get a minute. And let me know when you are stateside.
    Much love,

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