Last weekend was busy for us. My Rwandan small group, had a small “crusade,” and they asked me to speak about Health, from a Christian point of view. Other people spoke on the Home, the Family, and the Law-all from the Christian perspective. The talks were helpful and people seemed to receive my talk well. Afterwards, the head pastor asked if I would come and give quarterly talks to the church, along with a Rwandan doctor, about health. We collected money for what we call the “Eunice Foundation.” Eunice is a lovely Ugandan woman who was in our small group while she and her husband were living in Rwanda. She was devoted to visiting members of our group-especially if they were sick or bereaved. She left some money to continue this practice of visiting, when she returned to Uganda about a year ago. That money was finished, so we were raising more money-about $400 was raised- all  but a small bit by Rwandans, for Rwandans! Here are some pictures of the dancing and singing during the meeting.2014-03-15 11.13.37 2014-03-15 11.58.54 2014-03-15 12.05.39

While I was at the meeting, Caleb was hard at work, helping to prepare for a wedding. One of the students we help support came to Caleb several months ago and said he would like to get  married, but he didn’t have enough money (in Rwanda, the groom is responsible for the wedding).His friends were encouraging him just to live with his girlfriend, but he felt this wasn’t right.  This student is very poor, but he scored high enough on his national exams to get a partial scholarship to university, and we helped cover the rest. He had met his fiancée at a church gathering, where he was preaching. We initially suggested that they just have a civil wedding (in Rwanda everyone has to get a “civil,” or state, wedding even if they have a church wedding) and save the church wedding for later, when they have more money. However, they really wanted to have a church wedding, so we helped out as best we could and Caleb even offered to make the wedding cake. Here it is, before and after.

Caleb making the cake
Caleb making the cake
The wedding cake in action!
The wedding cake in action!

Many thanks to Chantale, Caleb’s secretary, who helped with a lot of the arrangements. Interestingly, I felt that helping out with the wedding was a bit frivolous, but it was VERY well received by our Rwandan friends. Ceremonies, especially weddings, are important in Rwanda. They are a sweet, Christian couple and we pray for God’s blessing on them.

The next day, Sunday, we went to church and then later in the day attended the wedding of one of Caleb’s accountants. It was a big wedding, and well done. We pray also for God’s blessings on them. These were two happy weddings, moments of joy, in contrast to the darkness of the 1994 genocide, the 20th anniversary of which will be remembered next month.

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy  Psalm 30:11

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