New from Musanze

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a couple of weeks-I’ve been bogged down, trying to get health insurance via the Affordable Care Act (or whatever it’s called), or ObamaCare. The application process is as bad as they say it is. It went along swimmingly at first, then I was kicked out of the system-again, and again, and again. So I called the 1 800 number, using Skype, and was answered promptly, but had to stay on the line for 3 hours. After all that, today I realized that something (couldn’t tell what, since you can’t access your application after you submit it) was submitted incorrectly. After another hour on the phone today, I THINK it was worked out-now I just have to pick a plan…I also have to  make arrangements for Moses, as he is not yet eligible for the plan, until his citizenship comes through, which should be later this year.

I was at Kinigi Health Center today and saw an elderly lad with hypertension. The last time I saw her, she was quite sad, as her high school son had been missing for a couple of weeks. We prayed for her son to come back. Today she was quite chipper (and her blood pressure was lower), as her son had indeed come back. According to her, he said he felt the urge to come home, so he did. I don’t know the exact timing, but on Sunday I taught the children in Sunday School the story of the Believing Father, from John 4:43-54, when the father finds out that his son has been healed at the exact same time that Jesus said that he was healed. Did the son feel the urge to come home after we prayed? I don’t know, but it might have been!  I do know that Jesus hears our prayers, especially the desperate prayer of a mother who has lost her son. I do know too that today she gave the credit for his return to God and to our prayers.Lady at Kinigi

“Cast your burdens on Jesus, because he cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

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