Please pray for these kids…

Pray for these kids:

This set of twin girls are both HIV positive. Their mom is a sex worker, with another small baby, who says that-with no husband, no fields, no animals-she can’t afford to leave her current lifestyle. Pray that their mother gives them their medicines regularly and that she can leave her  lifestyle.



This boy Sammy came into our lives several years ago. He presented with acute leukemia about 6 years ago and Caleb helped facilitate his transfer to the US, where he was entered into an experimental protocol. After about 6 months in the US, his grandmother, who had accompanied him, said “I can’t take this place anymore! Get me back to Rwanda!” So, they came back to the US with a suitcase full of medicines. When we were in Shyira, we used to give him his chemotherapy, with the help of Thomas Schumann, a German nurse, who knew how to access a port-a-cath (a special intravenous device for giving chemotherapy). We  gave him medicine through into his spinal fluid, as well. A couple of years ago, he finished his protocol and was doing well.

Caleb with Sammy and his mother
Caleb with Sammy and his mother

Unfortunately, now Sammy has relapsed and he has leukemia again. There is no protocol in Rwanda for relapsed leukemia, but perhaps he could go back to the US for further treatment.

Thanks for praying for these difficult situations-may the Lord’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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