The Week in Review, September 9th, 2013

This week, I started back at work, at Ruhengeri hospital. The Family Medicine resident I work with is still on leave, so I was mostly in the Internal Medicine ward. As usual, there were many challenges-some tests not available,patients who cannot afford care, but there is a good team of doctors there and I enjoy working with them. There are not so many patients in the hospital right now, as 1) It’s planting season and 2) Many people have not yet renewed their health insurance.
On Wednesday afternoon, I saw an owl on our outside wall, and then on the ground, with birds of prey circling above. With the help of the vet who lives down the street, we put the owl in a cage. We eventually figured out that it was a fledgling, just out of the nest. Thursday, we put the cage in a high place and opened it, but “Nigel,” as we have named him, did not fly out.

Nigel, the baby owl
Nigel, the baby owl

We left him in the cage outside. Our guard told us he saw the mother owl hovering around that night. The next day, we found a dead mouse deposited outside the cage, evidently left by the doting mother for her child. It is amazing how deep motherly instincts are! Currently, Nigel is still with us, but we are hoping that soon he will be able to fly and return to his mother.
The other big event was that Moses’ bike was stolen. We live in a safe neighborhood, in a safe country, but still…Moses was riding his bike around the block and a well dressed middle aged man, with a police badge on his sleeve, stopped him and asked him to go get his laptop from around the corner, on foot. He insisted it wouldn’t be necessary for Moses to lock his bike. Moses ran off, found the door where he was asked to go was locked, and came back, only to find the man, and the bike, were gone. The next thing I knew, Moses was crying in our front yard. We ran off to the scene of the crime-no one was in sight. I called the police and they came straight away  and we gave them a picture of the bike. We made some nice looking flyers, with a photo of the bike (thank you, Google Image!)promising a reward, and Moses and I drove around, posting them up. At the first place we went, a nice boy helped Moses affix the notice to a cement post. The next morning this same boy, who drives a bike-taxi, saw the man and called him over. After he came over, he apprehended him, with the help of others. He called us and we came right away,along with the police. Anyway, the bike is now safely with us, Moses is very happy, and we are praising God for the return of the bike! It was a good lesson for our children about strangers: some can be trusted, like the boy who found the bike, but unfortunately many cannot be. It was also a good lesson about God’s provision and answer to prayers.
On Saturday night, 2 boys from Shyira spent the night, and came to church with us the next morning. Neither one of them have dads, so they really cherish any time spent with Caleb. Lydia and I visited Gloriose, an orphan who is sponsored to study at Excel School by friends of ours in the US. She was glad to see us, as it was visiting day, and we brought her 2 lollipops :).

Lydia and Gloriose at Excel School
Lydia and Gloriose at Excel School

On Sunday, Caleb gave a good sermon on 2 Corinthians 5: 16-21, which was well appreciated and then we had Bible Study, continuing our study of Genesis. We had the missionary potluck that evening-a smaller crowd than usual, but it was a time of good fellowship, with a slight campfire atmosphere, as the electricity was off most of the time!
What does this week hold: well, this morning Caleb is supposed to be interviewed by the BBC, Lydia and Moses start school,

First Day of School for Lydia and Moses
First Day of School for Lydia and Moses

and I’ll be at the hospital. On top of that, only the Lord knows! All we know-that He will sustain us, whatever happens-Philippians 4:13!

2 thoughts on “The Week in Review, September 9th, 2013

    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      I thought you might like the name! He was named after the bird named Nigel in Rio, though we enjoy thinking about Nigel Watt, too, when we see him!

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