A Typical Day

We are enjoying being back in Rwanda-now for almost 2 months-where did the time go? I am currently on a lunch break, from work at the hospital, where I am teaching Family Medicine residents and working on the internal medicine service, where the cases range from post trau

Caleb is out at the hydro site, which is producing power!  I have told several people that I feel like we’ve had a baby-and we were pregnant a VERY long time.  The project is now producing enough power for our mid sized town of 60,000 people.  Yeah!!! He was meeting with the people from the power company.  so that it can be connected to the grid.

Moses and Lydia are at “homeschooling” along with 2 other American families.  They both are enjoying it and learning a lot.

I am expecting 3 visitors this afternoon.  One has just arrived-a friend of ours from Shyira, a schoolteacher with her son, who has just started school in Ruhengeri (he was among the top students in the country on his national exams).  He is sick and she wants me to check him out before she takes him back to Shyira.  His parents, and we, are a bit cautious with him, as his big brother died when he  was 8.   I have cautioned the parents not to give him traditional medicines. Another lady who is coming is one of my former

A grateful patient comes to visit
A grateful patient comes to visit

patients; we built a house for her and her husband and their 5 children.  The third visitor programmed is a young orphan girl who has just finished high school.  She is wondering what to do  now, and would like to study nursing.  We are hoping to send her to a Christian nursing school in the south of Rwanda.

It’s starting to rain here-so I really appreciated this verse from Psalm 18, which I read this morning:

“You gave a wide place for my steps under me,  and my feet did not slip. “

Even more so, I appreciated verse 28:

“ For it is you who light my  lamp; the LORD my God lightens my darkness.  “

Anyone who has been involved with missions knows that there are times of darkness-we are thankful for our God who lights our darkness.  In our particular case, we are grateful for the completion of the hydropower project and pray that it will bring light to many, and  that the light of the Hope of the World will shine forth in Rwanda.

One thought on “A Typical Day

  1. Congratulations on the hydro project completion, Caleb and Louise!
    Tim and I are so happy for you 🙂
    How beautiful to hear of the patients you are continually able to bless. I believe you will have a huge store of “treasures in heaven”, as Jesus teaches in Matthew 6:20.
    We send love to all your family and delight in imagining Moses and Lydia going off to school with friends.
    Much love in Christ,

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