What is it like to be a dorm parent at Rift Valley Academy?

6 30- I wake up and make breakfast and see our 5  kids off to school.

810-realize I am late for dorm parents’ meeting, so I race off, with Caleb close behind.  We discuss such issues as upcoming movie night (can 9th graders ask someone?-yes, but no exclusive dating); boys’ dorm parents should  teach the guys how to treat girls (I am not sure I can do this without blushing).  We have a teaching session on dealing with homesickness.  Meeting ends in a nice time of prayer for the kids.

After the meeting, Caleb and I  take our daily walk around the campus-it’s a beautiful day-very clear and sunny.  We make it back in time to go to “Praise Chapel” where 2 of our dorm guys are leading worship, and they do a nice job.  Then we go to “staff chai” to hear prayer requests and announcements and have a cup of coffee.  Then it’s back home.  I go over to the dorm and look over the guys’ rooms-did they make the beds? Take out the trash? Things look okay today.

11 30 I start preparing lunch, and also go over the market list.  I make sure I put mangoes on the list-we are enjoying them so.   Moses and Lydia come home around 12 10, and Sara, Hannah, and Caleb Jr come at 12 35.  After lunch, I help Hannah put in her contacts for the first time. After the kids go back to school, I start working on pizza for our family of 7, plus Caleb Jr’s two 7th grade friends (who, as a general rule, can put away a lot of food), and one of Sara’s friends; and also pizza for the 19 dorm guys for our dorm meeting, which will be later in the evening.  We figure on 20 cups of flour for the pizza dough. We will also need a lot of cheese;  thankfully, Caleb brought back some cheese from Rwanda last week-it’s much cheaper there.

At 3 45, I run off to see Lydia and Moses play soccer;

Sara coaching the soccer team, with Moses beside her

Sara is coaching Moses, so I get a 2 for 1 when I watch their team play.  I leave Lydia’s

Lydia tries out her soccer skills

game a bit early, so I can catch Caleb Jr’s intramural soccer game.  He’s the goalie and I find it quite nerve wracking to watch.

Caleb Jr tends the goal

I also get to see a lot of the dorm guys play, too.  Caleb’s team wins, and he lets in only one goal.

Some of the guys in our dorm, also watching the soccer game

Then I run off to prepare supper-Caleb assembles the pizzas, rolling out the dough and garnishing it with olives, pepperoni, and even eggs, a custom we have picked up at our favorite pizza place in Kigali.  The first shift (7 of us plus 3 visitors) eat; it’s nice to meet the other missionary kids and hear where they’re from and what their parents are doing.  After supper, the pizza making continues and we’re rewarded with oohs and ahhs from the dorm guys at the 8 30 Dorm meeting.  After snacktime, Caleb continues a study in Philippians; the boys participate well.  Then we move onto prayer requests, with special attention to the family of the uncle of  one of the boys who recently passed away.  Tests, sports events and sports injuries are also prominent on the list of prayer requests.

At 9 30, the dorm meeting ends and the boys do their dorm jobs, and Caleb checks their jobs and then turns off the lights at 10 pm! Moses and Lydia are already asleep. Caleb reads a bit to Caleb Jr and then says good night to Sara and Hannah.  We fall asleep quickly, ready to wake up tomorrow to another day at RVA!

6 thoughts on “What is it like to be a dorm parent at Rift Valley Academy?

  1. Meg Howard

    O my goodness, Louise and Caleb, this sounds like a fuller-than-full-time job! I imagine it might make your work in Rwanda seem “relaxed” in comparison? (And I thought Louise’s role training physicians and taking care of patients, and Caleb’s role in hydro-electric power were demanding!)
    I see God giving you grace to savor the richness of where you are at this time in your children’s lives. What an enormous blessing to Moses, Lydia, Caleb, Hannah and Sara this experience with them is. May you have the grace and strength to carry out your tasks there joyfully and lovingly.
    I admire and affirm your faithfulness to the Father in being there for the children He treasures so much.
    God bless you~
    Meg for Tim, John and Daniel

  2. Jocelyn

    I LOVE this… You are in the right place, at the right time, to love these kids… So wonderful. Praying for you as you serve them and Him.

  3. Elizabeth Achtzehn

    What a fun read! You sound busy but it also sounds wonderfully rewarding. Ag, Gabriela so enjoyed her time at RVA and dorm parents are so important in determining how the kids settle in at the school. Well done for stepping out and blessing so many people.

    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      Thanks for the encouragement. We are even more impressed with RVA-the kids and the staff-now that we are working here. I’m glad to hear that you all are doing well in Germany.

  4. william

    Great to hear about life at RVA, Louise. Look forward to seeing you here next month. William
    ps Looking forward to some pizza.

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