The Week in Review

May 5, 2012

This week ended with a bang-literally! In order to get through some large boulders at the hydro electric site, Caleb and his crew had to do some dynamiting.  It was a long involved process, importing dynamite, going through customs, getting military police escort, but it all worked out and the first blasts went off yesterday.   We are pleased with the progress of the hydro power project.

On a ministry front-am working with several others to start a Sunday School for the English service, as the little ones get a bit fidgety during the sermon.  I am thankful for the help of Heike Stumpf, Pastor Agnes, and others.  Please pray for the first meeting tomorrow.

I was asked by our friend Kortney to meet with some visitors tomorrow afternoon who are interested in starting a Pregnancy Resource Center here.  It could be strategic timing, as Rwanda is on the verge of legalizing abortion.  I also invited some of our Rwandan Christian friends, who are in the medical field, to come.

This morning, our Rwandan small group met at our house-at 6 am! We somehow managed to put 30 plus people in our sitting room.  The passage was a good one: John 14: 15-31.  My favorite part is verse 27: “Peace I give to you, peace I leave with you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” As they left, one of the most faithful members said that her 20 ish year old son is sick, so I said he could come by and see me today.   Another asked about work at the hydrosite.  I am hopeful Caleb can find him a place, as he is a strong evangelist, and he could have a good ministry among the 500 plus workers.

Also, this week, we decided to send Munyarukiko to a boarding schooling Ruhengeri.  Munyarukiko is 12, and is an orphan.  He lives with his grandmother, who apparently is quite blind, and his older sister in Shyira, about an hour away.  He was coming repeatedly to Ruhengeri and hanging out on the street.  We would get a call about 10 pm a couple of nights a month, to come pick him up.  We tried numerous strategies, including taking him to the police station on one occasion, but nothing seemed to work.  Finally, we enrolled him in The Wisdom School, here in Ruhengeri, where he started 2nd grade.  So far, he seems to be doing well.  If you would like to to contribute to the education of Munyarukiko or any of the many other students we support, please send a donation to:

and you can specify that it’s for the Kings, education fund.

Thank you to those who already make it possible for us to support so many children.

In Christ,


2 thoughts on “The Week in Review

  1. Rahel and family (we once lived in Gisenyi)

    So nice to read some news about you since you moved down to Musanze. You are often in my thoughts and I pray that God continues blessing you in all ways also your children. It was nice to meet you… I know it is allready long ago, for me it think it is only some weeks ago. Be blessed.

    1. thekingfamilyinRwanda

      Rahel, so good to hear from you. How are you all doing in Switzerland. The Schumanns are leaving soon-Benni and Anett have already gone.
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Blessings, Louise

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