The Sleepover

We often have the issue of lots of people coming to visit us, many of whom are boys from Caleb’s Bible study in Shyira.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to invite them all over for a sleep over.  We told about 10 people, and word spread and 45 came! While we were waiting to eat, several of the boys stood up and preached.    We cooked brochettes (kebabs), potatoes, corn and beans.  We were fortunate that our former pastor Emmanuel came and he gave them a good gospel message.  Early the next morning, a bus came to take them back to Shyira.  We were thankful for the time we had with them and for the way that the Lord provided the food for them to eat and for the mattresses for them sleep on!

One thought on “The Sleepover

  1. Meg Howard

    We thank God along with you for this beautiful news! May the Word of God transform these young men and their culture for generations to come! Praise be to God~

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