Christmas Newsletter

King Family Christmas Letter 2011


Christmas greetings from the King Family!  We are writing this letter for the first time from Ruhengeri, Rwanda.

Our big news this year was that in April we moved from Shyira, where we had been serving for 8 years, and are now serving in nearby Ruhengeri.  We were sad to leave Shyira and the many friends we had there, but we have been pleasantly surprised how much we like it here.  Having electricity 24/7, well … maybe 23/6… is not so bad!

I (Louise) have been able to take advantage of the improved Internet connection in town to enroll in an online Public Health Course at the University of North Carolina.  I have to admit, it’s strange to be a student again, but I have learned so much!  I also started in September at Ruhengeri Hospital, teaching Rwandan Family Medicine residents.  Caleb is working hard on developing hydropower in this area and he has made some real progress.  We were pleased that this spring he received an Integrity in Action award from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia.  I thought it was well deserved!

Sara and Hannah continue at Rift Valley Academy, and they were joined by Caleb Jr this fall.  Sara is busy with Model UN, basketball and clarinet.  Hannah continues playing the flute, basketball, and is a ready confidante for her younger brother.  Caleb Jr has taken up the tuba, of all things, and reports that he likes school, when he remembers to email!  Lydia did double schooling this fall- home schooling and attending the local school, part time.  Moses, our Rwandan foster child, started at Sonrise School and was 2nd in his class (yes, they rank students in first grade!)  We have many other children in our lives-every Sunday we serve brunch for anywhere from 8-20 people, mostly visitors from Shyira, many of them orphans or other vulnerable children.   Sometimes their needs seem endless, and we pray for wisdom to remember that we are not the real answer to their problems, He (Jesus) is, and in Him all promises are “yes.”  Thanks to generous donations, we are able to help many of them, like Marie Chantalle and Jean Claude.  Marie and Claude are children of a patient of mine who died with heart failure.  We are thankful that we were able to help Marie with school fees so that she could finish secondary school.  Claude was a bit more difficult-what to do with a 20 year old boy with a 6th grade education in an economy with very few jobs?  He was interested in doing bike transport, so we bought him a special bicycle, so he could earn money.   They are pictured to the right in the photo with the bike.

Our lives continue to be enriched by visitors from abroad.  Marc and Katie Erickson served with us this summer and really helped in our transition to Ruhengeri.  My nephew Jacob visited us this summer and now my cousin Sara is here, home schooling Lydia.  We look forward to having my parents in a couple of weeks.

We are enjoying worshiping at the English service at the Anglican cathedral here.  We especially enjoy the Bible study afterwards.  I am also in a Kinyarwanda neighborhood Bible study that meets Saturday mornings.  I’ve enjoyed being a part of the local Christian community.  They are very tolerant of my feeble Kinyarwanda!

Please pray for continued health for all of us; Caleb recently dislocated his shoulder and he is in a sling for several weeks.  We also ask for prayer for the continued development of the hydropower and that I would be a godly mentor to the young Rwandan physicians.

We pray for you all that this Christmas you will know

“the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace (Luke 1:78, 79).”

We thank so many of you who make our ministry here possible.

Merry Christmas!

Louise and Caleb

For correspondence:

Caleb & Louise King
PO Box 75
Musanze District

For donations:

1818 N. Taylor
Box 322,
Little Rock, AR 72207

or online at

One thought on “Christmas Newsletter


    This is my first look at your blog/site. My wife Gail and I are Peace Corps Volunteers in Swaziland, at childrens home since June 2010. We hope to extend and stay thru 2013. Our daughter Dana was a Morehead Scholar at UNC, class of 2003.

    Looks like you are doing GREAT work, and we would like to get better connected….take care, best wishes, God Bless You.

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