Sunday in Ruhengeri

I didn’t have to wake up quite SO early today-we made it to the 7 30 English service at the Anglican Cathedral just a bit late.  The service was followed by English Bible study, where we are studying the book of Matthew, using the Community Bible Study guide.  Today we implemented the idea that was proposed a couple of weeks ago by one of our members: once a month we will take up a collection for a needy person.  The recipient today was the handicapped step brother of one of our members.  In the past, his school (a special school for the handicapped) had allowed him to stay there for vacations, but this year he had to come stay with his step brother.  We donated money to them to help pay for his food and lodging.  After the Bible study, we came home for our usual brunch, using eggs purchased from the One Egg project, and enjoyed them with several visitors-a couple of “regulars” and a few new visitors.  One of our special visitors today was Fulaha, a young woman, who actually goes to the same school as the above mentioned boy, and who also needs a place to stay for the 2 month vacation.  Fulaha is an orphan who has 2 prosthetic legs.  Apparently, the people she used to stay with have moved to Uganda.  She does have a sister who lives in the eastern part of the country, but she doesn’t know where she is. What to do? We brainstormed a bit, asked some fellow supporters to pray for her, and also prayed ourselves.  One of the boys visiting said  that she could stay with his mother.  In the meantime, we will look into getting in touch with her sister and also figuring out what happened to her family’s property.  It’s a complicated situation and we pray that it works out for her. 

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