Saturday morning…

It was a usual Saturday here-I woke up early, to go to our neighborhood Bible study, which starts at 6 am! It meets at the house of Pastor Frank Gashagaza and his wife Peace, both pillars of the church and both physically not well (especially Pastor Frank, who had major heart surgery several years ago in India).  We studied Hebrews 11: 32-40, in accordance with the Scripture Union guide.  Three pastors from our church came to visit and they had various announcements, from upkeep of the grounds to the importance of bringing your children to church.  The group members replied that there were few programs at the church for youth.  The consensus was to work together to get the children to come to church! It was nice to see the fellowship of the church leaders with the people in the group.  We closed with prayers for each other around 8 15 and then I headed home for…Pancakes! Benjamnin, a young Rwandan boy whom we help sponsor along with Chatham UnitedMethodist Church, spent the night with us, but he had already left by the time I got home.  Benjamin  just finished his 2nd term at one of the top schools in the country, and he did extremely well in all his subjects.  One woman from the study came home with me for breakfast, and then about 4 or 5 other people came for visits.  One visitor was Sebazungu, who has only one leg.  With help from a US church we gave him a sewing machine several years ago, which he is still using.  He has since gotten married and has a baby boy.  Here he is, wearing the prosthesis we gave him.  One of our other  visitors was a woman who has been abandoned by her husband.  We gave her some money so that her daughter can continue nursing school, and hopefully help support the family.  I also met up with Kaeli, who is a visiting Family Medicine resident from Colorado, and we found a place for her to stay for her month long rotation here (thanks, Jan!).

We just finished lunch-mashed green bananas and peanut sauce and greens-one of our favorites and now I am going to work some on the correspondence course I am taking from UNC School of Public-Critical Issues in Global Health.  It’s been very eye opening for me and I think it will help me a great deal in my work at the hospital and in teaching the Family Medicine residents.

As always, we are thankful for the way God provides for our needs and we pray for the grace and wisdom to respond to the needs around us.

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