Niyonkuru is back

Niyonkuru’s back.  Niyonkuru, or Enoch is his other name, is the child of 2 dysfunctional parents.  His father is an alcoholic, and probably has more than one wife.  His mother cares for her 3 children as best she can, but she is a bit clueless and is just trying to live from day to day.  Earlier this year, she had a 2nd term miscarriage, which was difficult for her.

Niyonkuru was on his way to becoming a street kid.  We were never sure where we would find him-his home was no place he wanted to stay.  One promising note was that after he watched The Jesus Film in Kinyarwanda earlier this year, he prayed that he for Jesus to enter his life.

So we decided to send him to a boarding school insouthern Uganda, in nearby Gisoro.  The school was recommended by our friend Jenny Greene, who has a babies’ home in Gisoro.

He’s in 3rd grade, and he’s definitely not in the top of his class, but his English is really improving and we pray that the education and the stable environment will help him to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus.  Thanks to all those who support us and make it possible for us to help out Niyonkuru.

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