King Family Christmas Letter 2010

The Hospital continues to grow, with our new operating room almost completed. We were also able to renovate the women’s ward. Our children with heart disease are doing well, and I hope that by the time you read this, 4 to 5 more of our children will have been operated on by a visiting team in Kigali. We have had some turnover in doctors, but our more experienced doctors have risen to the occasion and we also are enjoying our new physicians. We especially appreciate Dr. Thierry, who does most of our surgery. We continue to treat a wide variety of conditions, and even discovered 2 cases of leprosy this year. We always say that makes us feel like real missionary doctors!

Discipleship: Caleb continues to preach regularly at the English service, and I (Louise) get called in from time to time as well, on special Mothers’ Union Sundays. We also both preach at the daily prayer meeting at the hospital. Caleb recently used the example of Festo Kivengere, who wrote the book I Love Idi Amin, to preach about forgiveness; his message was well received. Caleb’s boys’ Bible study continues to go well and I am enjoying a small women’s Bible study that meets after work. I even led it once in Kinyarwanda (it was very short). We are also happy that an Alpha course is just starting in Shyira, about the basics of Christianity.

Hydropower: The construction at the first site continues to progress. Our hope is that the project will provide revenue and electricity for the hospital, and the surrounding people. We are grateful for the help Caleb has received here in Rwanda and also from abroad.

Houses with Hope: We are grateful that we were able to build three more houses, and help with two other houses, through this ministry that provides houses for people living with HIV/AIDS. Thanks so much to Amy Ball of Chatham, NJ, who helps out with this stateside.

Living Hope Ministries: This outreach ministry, directed by the Thomas and Annette Schumann, continues to grow, to include support groups for handicapped children, single mothers and a comprehensive orphans’ support group. We also have been able to offer trainings there in trauma, healing, and reconciliation.

On the family front, the children are doing well. Sara and Hannah are in 7th and 9th grade respectively, at Rift Valley Academy, where they are both playing basketball and musical instruments. Caleb Jr will likely join them there next year. In the mean time, he has somehow managed to spend most of his waking hours on his RipStik, in the remote hilly area of Shyira (i.e. he Ripstiks a lot in our house; thank goodness for cement floors). He has also taught Moses and Lydia, too! Lydia is reading well, and has officially finished studying at the kindergarten/early primary school that we helped start here. We are grateful for our homeschool helper, Rebekah Carter.

For 2011, we ask for your prayers for: Continued health and safety for our family, especially for Sara and Hannah as they travel back and forth to school, For Caleb, for wisdom about how to balance his jobs as director of the hospital and director of the hydropower project. For growth of the hospital, with effective medical and spiritual ministries. We give thanks for the 7 years we have been here, and we especially want to thank those who have made this possible with prayers and financial contributions.

For those of you who would like to make a donation: We are currently making a transition from DOCS to a new organization, the Rwanda Mission US. As we wait for approval of 501c3 status of this new organization, Bridge2Rwanda (, has agreed to handle donations to our work. These funds may be designated for Kings/Rwanda and mailed to: Bridge2Rwanda 1818 N. Taylor Box 322, Little Rock, AR 72207, or online at

We pray for all of you a blessed Christmas and the joy that comes from knowing that Jesus came not just 2000 years ago, but has promised that He will be with us always, even to the ends of the earth.

Love, Caleb and Louise

2 thoughts on “King Family Christmas Letter 2010

  1. I am so interested in your English as a Froeign Language program. We are currently working in Kironge area with the pastors and teachers teaching them English.
    Are you doing this around the hospital or is anyone in your area teaching English on your staff?? Ilene

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