Back from the USA

We are en route back from the US-we had a great visit. Highlights included: a brief tour in France; visiting the Kohls family in Germany on the way out (the Kohls were with us for 3 years in Shyira); Caleb’s birthday party at the Laing’s, who fired up their pizza oven and their hospitality for us, swimming in Black Creek everyday almost, to combat the blistering heat; Caleb’s belated birthday celebration in Chapel Hill, with his sibs, parents and nieces and nephews; warm receptions by our host churches-who really welcomed us, encouraged us, honored us, and prayed for us.  We had a big “Rambo” family reunion, with 60 plus people at Pawley’s Island; we all enjoyed some good cousin time. We also enjoyed hosting friends in Darlington, and road-tripping to see some old friends whom we hadn’t seen in a while.  It was not as restful as we wanted-it never is, but it was good to catch up with people and relax a bit.

Lydia relaxing in a Pawley's Island hammock


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