King Family Newsletter, June 2010

King Family Spring Newsletter, June 2010

Greetings from Shyira Hill and the King Family.  We are doing well.  Here are some news updates:

At the hospital: We have started work on the new operating room—praise the Lord! You can see it in evolution at  I was happy to “graduate” my first lymphoma patient after 6 rounds of chemotherapy.  He is doing very well.  We also had another heart patient operated on, Felicity.  Felicity spent three months in our hospital awaiting surgery, as her condition was too tenuous to go home.  We are thankful for donations that made it possible for her to stay for free in our hospital, and facilitated her heart surgery. 

 She, and our other heart patients, meet monthly for education and follow  up.  We are also happy to welcome our new hospital administrator, Evariste, who has an interesting life story; it could fill up a whole newsletter!  Among his achievements is having recovered four different times from four different bullets received during the war/genocide of 1994.  Please pray for his continued adjustment to life at Shyira, and also for that of our new doctors.  I, Louise, am enjoying a new Women’s Bible Study, held on Wednesdays after work, at the hospital.

The hydroelectric project: Caleb continues to make some progress in developing some hydroelectric power.  We have had discouraging outcomes to date in legal process here, in the fight against the corrupt former director, but with appeals in order which could promise to bring a good final outcome. Please pray that “justice [will] roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream.”(Amos 5:24),  In the meantime, Caleb is making some real progress in moving the project ahead and hopes to start construction next week.

On the family front: We enjoyed having Sara and Hannah home for Easter break.  Caleb visited them recently and got to see Hannah in a play and Sara at her piano recital.  Caleb Jr and Lydia thrived under the tutelage of Emily Franklin early this spring, and now it’s back to boring ol’ Mom, with the appreciated help of a young Rwandan.  Lydia was pleased to enter the echelons of flower girl in February.  “Everyone said I Iooked like the bride,” she wrote in her home school essay. 

We have enjoyed having some visitors from Shyira’s past with us: Chris Hindley and Pat and Jeffrey Newth.  Pat and Chris are the children of Dr. and Mrs. Godfrey Hindley who served in Rwanda for over 30.  When we first came to Shyira, a few of the elderly people here said that Caleb reminded them of “Hindley.”  We also had a visit from Anna and Wolfgang Niederberger, who served here from ’77-’81.  We appreciated their stories of her doing Caesarean sections by candlelight and without gloves!  They were also very encouraged by the progress they saw in the country, in general, and at Shyira specifically.

We are happy that the Living Hope Ministries Center is progressing nicely—outreach to orphans, widows and others with social problems and a center for training as well.  We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of the Schumann family.  As he has a brief hiatus now in the construction of the lodging for the training facility, Thomas has been helping with some renovation projects at the hospital.  The women’s ward renovations should be complete in another week!

Here is a picture of the 2 families, with Moses, too.

We will be coming to the US in the late summer, for just a brief 6 week visit, as Sara and Hannah will need to go back to school.  We hope to see many of you—if we are not in your area, please feel free to come visit us!

 With Thanksgiving for all that God has done for us, and for the people in Shyira,

Louise and Caleb King

Mail and packages to Rwanda:

 Shyira Hospital

P.O. Box 56


Musanze District


Email :

Facebook Page: “Shyira”


In the U.S.:

1800 South Charleston Rd

Darlington, SC 29532



DOCS (earmarked Kings/Rwanda)

P.O. Box 24597

St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

(Call Caroline 912-634-0065 with questions)

One thought on “King Family Newsletter, June 2010

  1. Meg Howard

    Dear Louise and Caleb,
    I am so grateful for your continued obedience to this call on your lives. I appreciate your joy in the offering of your skills, time and energy for the good of others. I pray that the desire of your hearts for others to come to know the love of Jesus will be satisfied beyond all you can ask or imagine. I also pray that your children will love their Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength. I thank God for your family and ask that He will supply all your needs. Love in Jesus, Meg

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