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I got off the Blog track when I went to Kenya for the biennial CMDA Cont. Medical Education conference. I had a great time, and enjoyed the fellowship and education, and seeing Sara and Hannah who are in school nearby.  I also got to see my brother William, on his way home from serving at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.  Here are a few snapshots of what’s been going on here in Shyira:

We have broken ground on the new Operating Room. The old OR will become the dental suite, which will be really nice, too.

We had a monthly meeting of our cardiac patients-those who have already been

Meeting of the heart pts with our nurse


operated on, those who hope to be operated on and those in a holding pattern, stable on medicines.  We give special thanksgiving that Felicity, a 21 year old young woman with severe mitral valve disease, and who stayed in our hospital for 2 ½ months, awaiting surgery, was operated on and is doing very well.

Sirikari, our first patient to get chemotherapy for lymphoma, finished his 6 treatments and is doing very well, praise the Lord.  We pray that he is really cured.  His only sequela is post herpetic neuralgia after he got shingles.

We have 2 new kittens-Smoky and Bandit.  They are a big hit with everybody, except the mice, of course.

Lydia, to her heart’s delight, was a flower girl at our worker Clementine’s wedding.  

We continue to have lots of visitors: Rwandan and Western, alike.  Here is one sweet familywho gave us a lot of bananas, ( I had taken care of the grandmother); we also enjoyed a visit with Jeff Rose and others from African Health and Hospital Foundation.

We also had our first big celebration of International Women’s Day, complete with food and dancing.  The Women’s representative of the Hospital, Clementine, gave a good speech.  Caleb also gave a speech-something about how some women have beauty and some have intelligence, but that his wife had both.  It was duly appreciated by Yours Truly.

I saw the first child we put on ARV’s in 2006; She looks great.  

Will be posting updates soon.

Numbers 6: 24-26

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