The week in review:

Sunday-enjyoyed a sermon by Gerald Mueller, visiting Projects director from CSI, at the English service; he spoke about Lot and Abraham.  Caleb drove down to the hospital to get Etienne (see previous blog) for the Boys’ Bible study. Monday was a blur, I think. Picked up Emily, who will be home schooling Caleb Jr and Lydia, in Kigali Tuesday night, met up with my parents in Kigali on Wednesday, and we all drove back to Shyira Wednesday. Thursday-took the day off to show Emily the home schooling curriculum, Friday-busy day in hospital. Discussed a malaria death, mourned the death of Etienne admired Felicien’s

Felicien with his new leg prosthesis


prosthesis (he lost his leg in the unrest after the genocide), gave a Bible and glasses to Shishuku, an elderly man with a hip fracture.  Daddy did first ever (at least in our era) Stineman pin/external traction for a femur fracture; Lydia had the unenviable task of getting a baby who had already died in utero through the birth canal.  Had kids’ club-the topic was when Jesus’s parents lost him-while Caleb met up with some potential investors in the hydro electric project.  Saturday was quieter: did have a meeting about the kindergarten with the main question being if we should add another class.  Made quiche, made granola, and in the afternoon had a good Bible study at the Schumanns; we have started studying Acts.  Ready to start the next week…

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  1. william

    That is quite a week. It seems to be centered around other people, not tasks per se. That’s a spirit-driven thing, a good thing!

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