Bloody Diarrhea and Stolen Sosoma

Caleb says that my newsletters might give the impression that all is light and airy here in Shyira-on the contrary.  In December, we had a big outbreak of bloody diarrhea/dysentery.  In our nearby market town, about 200 people were infected with Shigella sonnei after drinking some contaminated sorghum beer.  One child died here and four other people died at other health centers.  People were lying on the floors everywhere; we cleared out our meeting room and put mattresses on the floor.  We also put up several tents.  We were grateful for the hard work of the staff here, the help of nearby Ruhengeri Hospital and the Ministry of Health who dispatched someone to help who arrived here at 3 am.  The outbreak was over after about 4 long days.  Also, around this time someone informed us that some of the grain that is given out by the hospital, called Sosoma (for Soy, Sorghum, and Maize) was found being sold in the (same) nearby market town.  The head of our nutrition center was jailed for a few days, multiple people were questioned.  Finally, it seemed that the bags of grain were not from Shyira Hospital, though they did seem to have come from another health center, perhaps.  As is often in these cases, the situation was as clear as mud.  We are still praying for wisdom in this case, and that the people who do really NEED the grain will get it.  

2 thoughts on “Bloody Diarrhea and Stolen Sosoma


    The situation was not good it was terible but you tried to do every thing for them.

    Thank you God be with you all


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