Christmas in Shyira

Christmas in Shyira:

Christmas celebrations in Shyira begin on Christmas Eve, with the “Children’s Christmas” service, with baptisms and the Christmas play.  This year, about 40 plus people were baptized-4 babies and most of the rest were older children.  As you can imagine, baptizing that many people takes a while.  As I was sitting there on the bench, thinking of all the things I REALLY NEEDED to do, I thought, “What do these people think Christmas is all about-new life in Jesus, baptism-oh, yeah, maybe they’re RIGHT!”  It was especially sweet to see Siaka baptized, he is an orphan, who used to consider himself a Muslim.  We also enjoyed seeing Hannah and Lydia in the Christmas play-Lydia was one of the wise men and Hannah was the angel Gabriel, and did her lines very well in Kinyarwanda

Also, on Christmas Day, there was a big, and long celebration at the church.  And, you know, the people there had had no presents, no special foods, and THEY WERE STILL SO HAPPY IT WAS CHRISTMAS.  Why were they so happy it was Christmas? They were happy to celebrate the fact that Jesus had come down to earth as a baby to save us. Amen.

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