Christmas 2009 newsletter

Shyira, Rwanda, December 2009

King Family Christmas Letter

As we prepare for this Christmas season in Shyira, we remember God and his different names:

Prince of Peace  

We give thanks that Rwanda is still peaceful and we appreciate all that this means for the people here—education, safety, and development in many areas.


We have prayed a lot this year for wisdom, especially in the area of the hydropower project.  As many of you know, Caleb has been working on the project, and is doing so as I write.  He is hoping to secure the remaining funding to complete two projects in the year ahead.  We look forward to having lighton the hill one day!

We are thankful for our many welcome visitors, who have provided help in many ways.  We give thanks for the Rwandan and Congolese doctors who help us in our work.  Please pray for Dr. Thierry, our doctor with surgical skills, who is sick.  We are thankful for the Schumann family who are building up, physically and spiritually, the new Living Hope Ministries center; for Rift Valley Academy, which provides excellent education for Sara and Hannah; for the kindergarten where Lydia goes; for our new X ray; for the Houses with Hope project, which has provided many houses for HIV positive patients, and helped also with housing for those who take care of HIV positive patients; for the financial support of churches, friends and family that provides the means for us to serve at Shyira Hospital

God with us, Emmanuel

We are thankful that God is with us, even though we are far away from friends and family.  We feel this especially in our church family here and we really enjoy working with Pastor Antoine.  We were glad to be able to celebrate with them Caleb’s 50th birthday this past summer.

God is Love

We LOVE our children—Sara, Hannah, Caleb Jr and Lydia are all doing well.  Sara is in 8th grade at RVA and plays basketball, soccer, the clarinet and piano!  Somehow she even got a job-locking up the music building at night.  Hannah is in 6th grade at RVA and is glad to be with her sister, though we miss them both a lot.  Caleb Jr loved having his cousin Charles here this fall to home school him.  Lydia is reading well and continues to be our informal

Kinyarwanda teacher.  We also LOVE the Rwandan children in our lives—Moses, who spends his days with us; Nkurunziza, who has started secondary school, Anicet, who has finished his first year in university and is helping Caleb with the hydro project, while he also helps cousin Samuel Dargan with his business’s accounting, and the many boys in Caleb’s Bible study who come each Sunday and drop by often throughout the week.

The Great Physician

We are thankful for the patients who have been healed, with the Lord’s help.  We were able to expand the HIV program to more health centers; we gave chemotherapy to several patients and two of our heart patients have just been successfully operated on by a visiting Australian team in Kigali! We are thankful for the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation trainings that have been held here and have benefited so many people, as well as our Welcoming team that welcomes patients and ministers to their spiritual needs.

We wish you all growth in this Advent Season and Joy at Christmas as we remember the birth of our Saviour!


For correspondence:

Shyira Hospital

P.O. Box 56


Musanze District


In the U.S.:

1800 S Charleston Rd

Darlington, SC 29532



Facebook group: “Shyira”

For donations:

DOCS (earmarked Kings/Rwanda)

PO Box 24597

St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

 (Call Caroline 912-634-0065 with questions)

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