Prayer Time at Shyira

Here are a couple of pictures of our evangelists, with patients. The one on the right is of Bernadette with some patients outside the tuberculosis ward, and the one on the left is of Gaudence reading the Bible outside the malnutrition ward.  Don’t be fooled by the chubby face of the cute little girl in the background.  She has “kwashiorkor” or malnutrition of the sort that comes from not having enough protein.  Apparently “kwashiorkor” comes from a West African word meaning “second child,” as it often occurs when the second child is born, and the first one is then weaned. ( Actually, in Rwanda, women often wean babies when they find out they are pregnant as some of them believe that if the children keep nursing they will somehow be poisoned by the fetus.) This little girl is sitting next to her mother, who is, in fact, holding the younger sibling. We are thankful for the message of the Good News spread by our hospital evangelism team.


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