June Newsletter

 “Praise the Lord.  Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 106: 1

We have seen some changes in the last month at Shyira Hospital:We were all sad to see the Kohls family go—they left May 28th. It had been a great three years together, and now we are back as the solo missionary family, at least until August when the Schumann family arrives.  We have some great short termers, including two Morehead Scholars from UNC and Jane Bond, who is here at Shyira for her 5th time!


 When we heard that Matthias Kohls would be leaving, we began praying for a new surgeon.  We prayed and we waited and we prayed and we waitedThierryand we asked others to pray too.  Less than a month before Matthias left a friend of ours, a Congolese surgeon at a nearby hospital, called to say that he’d like to visit us.  He brought along with him his older brother, Thierry, who had two years of training at a US funded orthopedic hospital in Malawi.  It turned out that I had met him at a meeting three years ago and had been favorably impressed even then.  He has since joined our team and is a fine addition.  Please pray that he will enjoy his work here.  Also, he would like to get married soon, so you can pray that he will find a wife who will support him in his ministry, as many would rather be in a city than out here in this isolated rural location.

 We finally have an X-ray machine—a wonderful addition.  I’m still astonished when I order an X-ray and get it back on the same day!  It has really improved the services that we can offer our patients.  We don’t have the best space for it, but it’s working for now and we hope in the future to build a new addition for it.

Caleb also got together the last financing for the hydro-electric project so it could continue on to the next phase.  Next week (June 24th), the former corrupt director of the hydroelectric project will be on trial for his crimes.  Please pray that the trial will be just.

Last week Caleb asked the boys in his Bible study how their faith had changed their lives.  One boy nicknamed “Fils” said that he obeyed his mother more (a big help to her, as she is a widow) and another boy Siaka, an orphan recently supported in school by friends of ours in Chatham, NJ, said that until this year he considered himself a Muslim.  We were a bit surprised, and so thankful for his new faith.

We give thanks to those of you who join in praying for our ministry here and who have made it possible for us to be here.




 For correspondence:

Shyira Hospital

PO Box 56


Musanze District






Our mobile phones:

+250 78830 7417 (Caleb)

+250 78883 6095 (Louise)

(We pay nothing to receive calls)

 In the U.S.:

1800 S Charleston Rd

Darlington, SC 29532


For donations:

Please make gifts payable to DOCS (earmarked Kings/Rwanda)

PO Box 24597

St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

(Call Caroline with questions 912-634-0065)

Or for online giving: www.docs.org

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