Departing remarks & Speaking Schedule


We are busily packing to leave tomorrow-certain that we won’t get EVERYTHING done. Here’s what we’ll miss:
   Seeing our dog’s 4 day old puppies grow up
   The satisfaction of working at the hospital and feeling like we make a difference, thanks be to God
   The Kohls
   Lovely short term visitors
   Hearing hymns in Kinyarwanda flitting through the air at any given moment

Here’s what we’re looking forward to:
   Ice Cream
   Seeing family, including my 96 year old grandmother
   Seeing friends
   Worshiping in English

Here’s our speaking schedule so far:
   Oct 29: Potential time for speaking at Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Univ
   Oct 31: Breakfast meeting, Council for Foreign Relations-Washington
   Nov 1-3, family reunion, Pittsburgh; meeting with Bp Bob Duncan, SAMS
   Nov 6: Meeting with Duke Univ Global Health Initiative
   Nov 9: Worship at All Saints Church, Chapel Hill
   Nov 12, 19: Caleb speaks at First Pres, Florence
   Nov 14: Caleb speaks at men’s group, Mt. Pleasant
   Nov 16: Caleb preaches 3 services St. Andrew’s Mt Pleasant (old church)
   Nov 17: Caleb speaks at men’s breakfast, St. Andrew’s
   Nov 18: Louise speaks to women’s group, St. Andrew’s
   Dec 16? : Caleb speaks at men’s lunch, First Pres, Florence

   Other meetings will be set up for St. Matthew’s Darlington, SC and St. Bartholomew’s Hartsville, SC.

I’ll try to update this when I can.
Please pray for these meetings that the Holy Spirit will lead us in all that we say.

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