King Family Newsletter, Fall 2008

Greetings from Shyira, Rwanda.  We are all doing well.  We had an excellent summer, filled with visits from family and friends, old and new.  We had several short term visitors from St. Andrew’s Mt. Pleasant: the DuPre family helped us out in several ways, including giving a vacation Bible school for a group of Pygmy children and surveying sites for Hospital construction.  Marilyn and Grady Hendrix offered their medical expertise and Jane Bond selflessly served at the kindergarten. We hosted William McMaster, a medical student form SC, and, more importantly, a newly met cousin.  We enjoyed showing our “Houses of Hope” houses to the Ball family from New Jersey—Amy Ball was instrumental in the conception and fundraising for this program, that gives housing to HIV positive patients, and for the people who care for them.  We also appreciated our first (but hopefully not last) visitor from Duke University Medical School Michael Bestawros, who had just finished his medical residency, and helped me (Louise) in the internal medicine ward.  We also had 2 Morehead Scholars from UNC—Eva Archer and Emma Din—who helped at the kindergarten and the hospital.  We had our first Canadian medical students, Matt Chan and Esther Chin from McMaster University.  We also enjoyed a recent brief visit from another Canadian contingent, which included Sharon Ferris, who had helped raise funds for our kindergarten.


We especially enjoyed visits from my brother Tim Rambo and his family.  Caleb Jr. especially enjoyed having some boy cousins around.  They were also helpful in assessing our mental health needs at the hospital and our community and they arranged for a well received workshop in Healing from Trauma for the lay counselors who will be serving at our new Counseling Center.


At the hospital, we were sorry to see Dr. Théoneste leave.  He was picked to do a four year family medicine residency; he is a fine Christian and we miss him, though his (expectant) wife and son are still here at Shyira.  We have hired two new doctors—Dr. Joly and Dr. Marc—both from Goma, Congo.  Caleb is continuing to move ahead with the hydroelectric project.


Right now we are busy getting ready to leave, to go to the US, via Italy, where we’ll visit Caleb’s sister and her family who are there for a year. 



Here are some prayer requests:



v  For our new doctors, and for the old ones, too, that we will be good mentors for them and give them a good working environment.

v  Housing for our growing medical staff

v  For safe travels, and an enjoyable time in the US (we will be gone Oct 20-Jan3)

v  For the hydropower project, that it will continue to move forward, even in our absence

v  For Sara at Rift Valley Academy, Kenya—Sara had a little bit of a rough start this semester, as her carry-on suitcase was stolen at Nairobi airport on her way to school; it had in it, among other things, the school’s clarinet.  If you or anyone you know wants to donate a clarinet, let us know and we’d be glad to bring it back with us when we return in January.

v  For the Kohls family and other short termers—for strength for the extra load they will carry in our absence.

v  For the new CSI family arriving next year.  They are slated to help out at the counseling center.

v  With Matthias Kohls going in May ‘09, we would love to have another surgeon or Ob-Gyn join our staff.


If you want to contact us in the US-you can still use this email.  You can also check out our new blog–

If you got this email twice, or would like to be taken off our list, or had this email fwd’ed to you and you would like to be on our regular list, just send me an email.  


For correspondence:

Shyira Hospital

BP 56, Ruhengeri, Musanze District



In the U.S.:

1800 S Charleston Rd

Darlington, SC 29532



For donations:

DOCS (earmarked Kings/Shyira)

PO Box 24597

St. Simon’s Island, GA 31522

(Call Caroline 912-634-0065 with questions)



Louise and Caleb King

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